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    Reddit (www.reddit.com) is a super-popular social networking site focused on news aggregation alongside general findings that people come across. You can literally locate any topic you can think of and if a section (or 'subreddit') hasn't yet been dedicated to this topic, it's simple to get started and create a new home for everything cats, dogs and even piercings in the weirdest places.
    The website does not have official apps available and rather relies on third-party alternatives. That is until now, according to a new job listing. Official Reddit apps are in the works for Android and iOS.

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    04-30-2014 04:00 AM
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    Sent from my iPhone 5S or Jailbroken 5th gen iPod Touch using Tapatalk
    04-30-2014 08:45 AM
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    AlienBlue works really well though.
    04-30-2014 08:53 AM

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