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    And so it comes back around to me, this time to guide you through what I use on my iPhone 5s. It's a little more tricky than when I talked iPad for one main reason. I use my iPhone a whole lot more and for much different reasons. If I told you about every single thing on my iPhone, we'd be here a very, very long time. You'd get bored.
    That's because the majority of apps I try out either for personal reasons or for my work here on iMore are put onto my iPhone. Since it's always in my hand or my pocket it's a better device for this type of thing than my iPad. But, I do have a staple of apps which have a permanent home and which I use practically every day. So let's take a look at those, and my current choice of wallpaper.

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    03-30-2014 04:30 PM
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    Interesting list, the only ones I use from that list (other than stock apps) are Netflix and the Remote apps
    03-30-2014 05:13 PM

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