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    iPhone 6 fantasies will no doubt reach fetishistic levels at some point, but we're far enough out from the fall, and from the inevitable leaks that will come as fall approaches, that many possibilities, many dreams, remain open to us. What with the all the new Android phones at MWC dropping like cluster bombs this week, I'll admit I'm incredibly eager to see what Apple has planned for this year as well. I'll preface it by saying all I've heard so far is that there'll likely be two iPhones this year, a 4-inch model and a bigger than 4-inch model. Whether that's the iPhone 5s dropped down, an iPhone 5sc made unabashedly plastic, or simply a smaller iPhone 6 remains to be seen. As does the size of the larger phone, from 4.3 to almost 5-inches. So let's begin there...

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    02-24-2014 10:50 AM

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