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    This is the dream: You pick up a phone or a tablet, you sit down to a laptop or desktop, you walk up to a display of any kind and all of your stuff is just there, ready and waiting for you to use or enjoy it. It's the future of decoupled computing where the intelligence is independent of the environment, where the device-centric world gives way to the person-centric experience. It's a future where iOS or OS X, cloud or client are abstract terms no mainstream human ever has to deal with or worry about. It's getting a lot of attention lately thanks to an interview with Apple executives by Jason Snell on Macworld and the hype of a couple of analysts and their "iAnywhere" term. That computers as we know them now will continue to evolve is undeniable. The real question is, how?

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    02-14-2014 03:50 PM

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