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    For a long time people with iPhones and iPads predominantly used Windows. In previous years the vast majority of people who read iMore read it using Windows. That's been changing. Right now, the number of people who read us on iOS is exploding, and Windows, shrinking. Right now, the number of people using iPads for things they used to use Windows for is increasing. Part of the reason for that is certainly the success Apple has had with their devices over the last few years. The other part is Windows 8. While some might imagine I'm biased, here's Paul Thurrott of Supersite for Windows:

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    01-12-2014 03:20 PM
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    Microsoft needs to build the best desktop UI they can and recognize we live in a world with reduced PC sales. People own a computer and are still using a computer but don't necessarily feel they need to upgrade their computer. A computer that is ten years old is still adequate for basic web browsing and office work and most people are fine with that, especially when they have shiny and speedy tablets (whether its iPads or some other platform) for when they don't need to sit down to their office suite.

    For anyone that wants to see Microsoft go down in the computer OS world, hope they don't ever copy Apple's model with OS X and iOS. They've just about got cross-functionality down perfectly while presenting a UI that makes sense for the different form factors and usage styles of the various devices and computers that people own.
    01-12-2014 07:08 PM

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