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    Dogfight: How Apple and Google Went to War and Started a Revolution by Fred Vogelstein is a tale of two companies, two of the most important of the current era, how they both started working on phone projects, and how it not only destroyed their friendships, but eventually the careers of many involved. Much of it is already well known. Google, worried that Microsoft would dominate phones the way they had desktops, and shut them down the way Netscape had been shut down, bought Andy Rubin's company, Android, and set about making a Windows Mobile/BlackBerry/Nokia communicator competitor. Apple, meanwhile adapted their stalled tablet project into the iPhone. And that's when it gets interesting...

    Full story from the iMore Blog...
    11-24-2013 04:40 PM
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    It seems like an interesting book, but I think I'll pass on it....
    11-25-2013 09:29 AM

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