1. jjcasillas15's Avatar
    I updated my son's iPod to IOS 5 and all was good. Was trying to set up his iMessage but keep getting an error saying..."Unable to verify email because it is already in use". Not sure what to do...Stuck. Before that message popped up it would tell me that it was unable to verify email and would send me a link to verify the email But nothing was ever sent. I made sure the iMessage is "ON"... Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!
    10-28-2011 10:56 AM
  2. sicario666's Avatar
    Uuhhhh...what email address are you using for iTunes? I mean you don't have to tell me but maybe that would have something to do with it. I'm a new iOS user so I'm just throwing ideas out there.
    10-28-2011 11:06 AM
  3. jjcasillas15's Avatar
    Using a Gmail... that message just keeps popping up.
    10-28-2011 11:13 AM
  4. sicario666's Avatar
    Is the app built in to the os or is it an app store DL? If you got it from the app store. Maybe delete and redownload it. Or sign out of your gmail account and sign back in. Remember I may more than likely be wrong. Just tossin you my 2pennies
    10-28-2011 11:27 AM
  5. phoon61's Avatar
    try resetting your network settings.
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    10-28-2011 12:30 PM
  6. sicario666's Avatar
    Let us know of it works. It's always nice to know. Payin it forward
    10-28-2011 12:34 PM
  7. jjcasillas15's Avatar
    try resetting your network settings.
    Not sure what the problem was, but this seemed to do the trick.Thanks! Didn't even think of this.
    10-28-2011 04:21 PM
  8. sicario666's Avatar
    Not sure what the problem was, but this seemed to do the trick.Thanks! Didn't even think of this.
    Cool. I'm glad you got it worked out.
    10-28-2011 05:20 PM
  9. Dee Shell's Avatar
    Hi there!

    I'm experiencing the same issue (!).

    Phoon61, I tried to reset my network settings but it didn't work. Can you tell me exactly what you suggest to do?

    Or, JJcas15, can you briefly tell me what have you done on your Network settings that solved the problem?

    Thanks a lot,

    D. S.
    12-22-2011 09:26 AM
  10. anon(536616)'s Avatar
    I've had these kind of issues as well (iMessage, etc.). I usually get thigns back to runnig agin by

    1. Turn iMessage on and off
    2. Reset Network settings
    3. Reset all settings

    Most recently, resetting all settings fixed things. Kind of a pain because you have to fix your wallpaper and change back a number of settings, but it tends to work pretty well if all else fails. Definitely better than restoring and setting up a as new phone, which is the next stop if resetting all settings doesn't help.
    12-22-2011 09:48 AM