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  1. Lbun2's Avatar
    So if I have this right... To be able to use iMessage on my iPad 2 I have to enter or use an email. So when I send a message to my iPad I also get a copy in my email. That it plan out retarded, unless it's just me doing something wrong. Anyone else have the same problem?
    10-08-2011 10:18 PM
  2. v1nn1e's Avatar
    You have to enter your email because you have to sign in to iMessage using your Apple ID. It doesn't actually send copies of anything to your email.
    10-08-2011 10:36 PM
  3. MustangLife's Avatar
    When you update to iOS5 you will be asked about 7 questions and log in information on your phone before the phone is working.

    1. Apple ID
    2. Icloud
    3. WiFi
    4. etc etc

    Not in that order, takes about 2-4 minutes of signing in stuff and a few buttons. But you will all be setup with imessages after that. Its just your Apple ID. The phone detects if imessages is available or not you don't have to do anything or click anything and sends it and bubbles will be blue. Sends messages through data and is a quicker process than regular sms. No extra texts open either. I love it because its instant rather than a 1 second loading bar on SMS.

    10-08-2011 10:55 PM
  4. f1l4's Avatar
    As I understood wifi iPad will get iMessages.
    How will this example work:

    me on iPhone -> other person on iPad + other phone (no iPhone)

    if I have in contacts other person phone number and email (which is iTunes account), will I send iMessage or SMS? Or I can choose?
    10-10-2011 05:41 AM
  5. diamonddialogue's Avatar
    If you're using iPad or iPod touch, you cannot send a text message to a non-iOS 5 device. BUT, with your iPhone you can send it as SMS (of course), but you may use iMessage to text the iPad user, and the iPad user can iMessage your iPhone.

    Just think of it as, if it's not a phone with a carrier, you cannot use iMessage to communicate with phones that are not running iOS 5.

    Example: Steve and Frank are using iMessage to communicate. Steve uses his iOS 5-equipped iPad to send an iMessage to Frank's iPhone 4 (also equipped with iOS 5), with full functionality of features. Lucy is using a Blackberry Bold, Steve tries to send an iMessage to Lucy's Blackberry from his iPad, but iMessage cannot find her because her device is not an iOS 5 device, and therefore is unable to text her.

    Frank now wants to send Lucy a text message from his iPhone 4, so he does and it sends as a standard SMS text message, not with all the features of iMessage.

    Lucy gets a brand-new iPod touch, fully equipped with iOS 5. Now Steve can reach her with iMessage on his iPad. Frank can also iMessage Lucy's iPod touch from his iPhone 4 without having to send it as SMS. The three of them laugh and play, living happily ever after.
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    10-10-2011 05:45 AM
  6. f1l4's Avatar
    ok, but iMessage and SMS are sent from same app. Or not?
    Can I choose to send iMessage or SMS to contact which has both phone number and email which is iTunes login?

    This looks like newbie question, but I don't have iOS5 yet
    10-10-2011 06:43 AM
  7. diamonddialogue's Avatar
    iMessage and SMS are sent from the same app only if it's an iPhone with 3G. The feature is exclusive to iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. The iPhone first checks if the person you're texting has iMessage, and if not, it changes it to SMS (note: all of this is done automatically by iOS 5, as long as iMessage is activated). iPad and iPod never had SMS, so obviously they can't do it unless it's via iMessage.

    Technically, iMessage is a free text messaging service from Apple between iOS 5 devices.

    Hope this helps.
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    10-10-2011 07:20 AM
  8. f1l4's Avatar
    so you mean it is automatically, but iMessage has priority.
    If so, there will be problem when I want to send SMS to a friend who doesn't have iPhone but owns iPad.
    How to avoid sending iMessage to his iPad and send SMS to his phone (not an iPhone)?
    10-10-2011 07:38 AM
  9. gnh5002's Avatar
    it will only send the message to his iPad if the address it is going to is his apple ID..if you send it to his cell phone number, and that is not an iphone, it will go to the cell phone and not the iPad. If you want to send a message to his iPad, send it to the apple ID that is associated with that device, i.e. his email address more than likely.
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    10-10-2011 07:49 AM
  10. diamonddialogue's Avatar
    I know it's a little confusing. Just remember that you can't SMS someone from an iPad or iPod touch. Only iMessage.
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    10-10-2011 07:55 AM
  11. Timhewitt's Avatar
    Actually you send to either the phone number or assigned email address, not necessarily the apple id.
    10-10-2011 07:56 AM
  12. Joe McG's Avatar
    The messaging app tells you if it is going to send it via iMessage or text. It shows It in the text field before you start typing.

    What I am unsure of is how the messaging handoff happens. I have an iPhone and iPad; both with iOS 5 GM installed. They both have my Apple ID registered. However, the iPad doesn't show any of my messages I've done on my iPhone. Perhaps because the messages are associated with my phone number? There isn't a way for me to choose which address it is associated with so I'm not sure.

    I only have one friend with iMessage so I haven't been able to test much.
    10-10-2011 09:32 AM
  13. Pmt061204's Avatar
    My wife and I share an itunes account and both have ipads. We are both going to get the iphones within the next few months. Will we be able to read eachother's messages on the ipads and iphones if we are using the same account. I guess i'm a liitle confused how the messaging will work between devices. Can I pick up a conversation on my ipad when i get home that i started on my iphone?
    10-10-2011 11:17 AM