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    When Apple first unveiled Ping, its new music-based social network half-baked into the latest version of iTunes, Facebook integration wasnt just promised it was listed as a feature on Apples own promotional pages.

    Nonetheless, much to users mystification, Ping launched with Facebook support M.I.A., a deal having fallen through at the last minute after fifteen months of talks due to what CEO Steve Jobs described as onerous terms on the part of the social network

    According to Silicon Valley Insider, though, Facebook CTO Bret Taylor is now saying that he is
    very confident
    that Facebook and Apple will figure out a way to work together on Ping.

    Does that mean that Apple has caved to Facebooks
    terms, or simply that Apple has seen the light? Its previously been reported that Apple actually violated Facebooks terms of service after the Ping deal failed by trying to use Facebooks APIs even without an agreement in place.

    Thats a bit shady and not very Apple-like, but it certainly is indicative of how bad Apple wants Facebook and Ping to work together and how far Apple might be willing to bend to finally bring the two social networks together in harmony.

    I just hope for the best.
    10-02-2010 03:35 AM