1. petey28's Avatar
    So Ping has just launched and with a userbase of 160-million music and entertainment lovers they certainly have the pundits talking already.
    I would imagine that Facebook and Twitter might have something to say about this - or would they rather join forces to become a new socialising force?

    Facebook might be seen as a community that thrives on peoples hopes and fears and aspirations - a way of bringing us together.
    People use Twitter in a different way - to gauge public opinion and encourage debate and to pass on information to like minds.

    The fact that Apple have entered the Arena is thought provoking, I mean lets face it they rarely fail when they launch a new idea - they want to chip away at the competition - dosn't that sound familiar I ask myself.
    If they can build momentum Ping could be massive and you've know who's going to stop them?

    If it goes to plan this could be the start of new chapter in social media.
    What do you think?
    10-01-2010 08:58 AM