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    So I was watching a video on YouTube on how to take out adware off of my Mac and so i didn’t see that I deleted system/library/frameworks/. So then I go and test to see if safari has any more pop ups and all is good but then I wanted to switch to my faster WiFi and when I clicked the WiFi picture then it just disappeared and I didn’t know what happened so I just hard reset my Mac. Now I cant get in to the login screen all it does is turn on and loads half way then turns off so I go into safe mode and try and reinstall my mac os no not letting me do that. So I don’t have time travel so I’m stuck. I know one thing and that is that when I delete frameworks I left it in trash and in safe mode I have access to terminal. Can somebody help me out please. I have a 2009 Mac running on high Sierra.
    12-30-2017 06:51 PM
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    Using "macos put back trash command line" a search reveals discussions like the one below.

    The Apple Support article, "How to reinstall macOS" is below as it has some options you may want to try if you've not already had a chance.
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    12-31-2017 09:52 AM

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