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    My 2017 27" 5k iMac is the best display in my house. It likely will be for the foreseeable future. It has everything, hardware wise, seemingly needed to watch 4k HDR content. But it seems that both Netflix and iTunes don't actually support streaming 4k to my computer. Why is that? Will any service stream 4k HDR content to my iMac?

    Netflix supports their Ultra HD stuff on Windows 10 on Kaby Lake hardware using the latest version of Microsoft Edge. (https://help.netflix.com/en/node/13444) I understand they're using HEVC hardware decoding built into Kaby lake. (http://4k.com/news/finally-netflix-i...catches-17766/) The current iMac seems to meet these requirements.

    iTunes, of course, will stream 4k HDR movies to Apple TV 4k, but seemingly not to a Mac.

    This is an odd state of affairs and I'd like to know where I should direct my dissatisfaction.
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