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    Hardware? Connected solutions? Content?

    If there had to be one focus (Apple has proven it can work on several projects well), what do you think it should be?
    01-20-2017 12:50 PM
  2. Ipheuria's Avatar
    This is a hard question. I love the way Apple is running and I wouldn't want to pull that focus away. However where do I think they are lagging right now is in Hardware. I would love to see them innovate in a way that pushes everything forward.

    Mac Pro
    I love the form factor of the new Mac Pro. I've heard people getting down on the cylinder but I find it sexy as hell. I have nothing that can justify me buying one but ever since it was released I have wanted to own one. I think this year the refurb ones are getting cheap enough that I just might. Anyway I would love to see them update it. Keep the form factor but really trick it out. Whether it gets taller, fatter or whatever. Develop Apple SSD drives in enclosures. Make four drive bays where you press on the front of the drive and it pops out. You pull it out in its enclosure and you would buy other drives from Apple to add or increase the storage. It would just slide in and onto the connector inside. There would be no muss no fuss and it would blend in seemlessly to the finish. In the same vein have empty expansion bays where again you can buy the Apple branded videocards or other cards to slide in around back. Even wilder put a handle on the top and you pull it and the suction breaks and the core slides out. You slide out the existing cards and pop the new ones in and slide it back down. It's sort of sci-fi yes lol.

    Mac Mini
    I think the Mac Mini is an awesome, least expensive Mac that get people started in the eco-system. It's kind of like the iPod Touch that brings people to iOS. A bad analogy I know because the iPod Touch is probably not much longer for this world. However I wish they would update the Mac Mini with some hardware. Update the internals and the external with a nice gloss black paintjob to match the Mac Pro. Hell while you're at it maybe instead of the Apple TV like shape turn it into an orb to complete the rounded theme of the Mac Pro lol.

    AirPort routers
    Update their wireless router line. Add mesh networks make it a HomeKit hub. I think it would be the best time to go all in on the whole Apple is committed to keeping your data private and secure. Update the security functions of the routers. You buy one and set it up and whenever there are firmware updates it will send you a notification to your phone. If you don't want to be bothered like the iPhone it can just automatically update to the latest firmware whenever it is available.
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    01-20-2017 02:04 PM
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    I'd like to see Apple get in to the VR/AR space. I think they are probably in the 1 to 2 years away from it place, BUT I bet it's in the test lab @cupertino! lol
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    01-20-2017 02:35 PM
  4. Tre Lawrence's Avatar
    Apple-backed VR would define the space.
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    01-20-2017 07:57 PM
  5. pkcable's Avatar
    Apple-backed VR would define the space.
    Oh you can bet they will do it! It's just like the watch, they were not the first, but right now THE only smart watch that makes any sense really is the Apple Watch. Yea YEA if you have Android you can make due with Android Wear, or a Samsung watch, but the Apple Watch is so much better its not even funny. And YES I have owned Android Wear, and a Pebble.
    01-20-2017 09:53 PM
  6. eyecrispy's Avatar
    I'd like to see them come up with a product like they did with the iPod and iPhone. Something no one has seen or thought of.
    01-21-2017 10:39 AM
  7. Rene Ritchie's Avatar
    Hardware? Connected solutions? Content?

    If there had to be one focus (Apple has proven it can work on several projects well), what do you think it should be?
    Historically, Apple's major innovations have always and almost only ever been in packaging technologies for the mainstream. There was nothing inherently novel about any of the technologies in iPhone but the overall product was compelling, delightful, and approachable.

    Fingerprint readers, voice assistants, and everything else have been done for years but Apple provided use-cases for them people could relate to.

    I'd guess 95% of media thinks and uses the term "innovation" completely inaccurately and that's led to a lot of dumb products getting praise for being different even at the expense of being worse. True innovation makes experiences and life better.

    That's where I think Apple has been focusing and will continue to focus.

    Take AI for instance. Apple's been working on it quietly for years. They use it for everything from Siri suggestions to battery life optimizations at the silicon level. That's innovation.
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    01-21-2017 03:21 PM

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