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    I was told by an Apple Tech that the only way to permanently delete a photo/video file from your iCloud Photo Library (as opposed to just deleting it from your devices) was to use the Photos app at iCloud.com.
    I am in the process of merging my original iCloud Photo Library with one that is much bigger and unfortunately there are some duplicates that I will have to get rid of. I wanted to see the information pane (to check the file dates, size of the file, etc.) but don't see anyway to access that information using the app at iCloud.com. Am I missing something or isn't that available in the cloud version of the Photos app? Thanks.
    10-21-2017 06:11 PM
  2. samduffy's Avatar
    when you delete a photo it will temporarily delete to your recently deleted folder. if you want to delete it permanantly go into recently added folder and find the photo click on it and click Delete. Thats it gone for good
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    10-21-2017 07:47 PM
  3. swandy's Avatar
    Yes I know that. But it doesn’t answer my question about the Photos app at iCloud.com. But thanks anyway.
    10-21-2017 10:51 PM
  4. Tartarus's Avatar
    Deleting photos on iCloud.com is the same as deleting on devices. Emptying the ‘recently deleted’ folder makes photos permanently deleted.

    As for merging libraries: why don’t you download all photos on a computer, use a duplicate finder program to get rid of them and then upload the merge as a whole to iCloud.com?
    10-22-2017 04:19 AM
  5. swandy's Avatar
    Second question - already had started the process because I was told in another forum and by the Apple tech that during the merge iCloud Photo Library should have asked about the duplicates which it hasn’t to this point
    As far as deleting the same senior Apple tech specifically told me that deleting from an app and then emptying the recently deleted folders only removes the photos from the Photos apps connected to that library. They are still taking up space in my iCloud storage (so that they can still be downloaded and/or restored to my library) and the only way to permanently get them off my iCloud storage is through the Photos app at iCloud.com.
    Got the same reply as yours in another forum - have to test it out when I get home to see who is correct I guess.
    10-22-2017 12:45 PM

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