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    I have two Photos library - one has about 4500 photos/videos and is the System Library and the one connected to iCloud Photo Library so the photos show up on all our devices and the other has all my photos (about 77,000 photos and videos). My wife would like access to all the photos on her iOS devices and iMac, so I am considering biting the bullet (meaning paying for a larger iCloud storage plan). And yes, I do realize it will take FOREVER to upload all the photos.
    The question is Apple's support pages say when changing System Libraries and therefore the one that I can connect to iCloud Photo Library, the photos in the new library will be "merged" with the photos already in iCloud.
    So....is iCloud smart enough to recognize duplicates and not add them or will I have 4500 duplicates that I will then have to delete manually?
    I have looked at the PowerPhotos app, which can merge two Photos libraries and look for the duplicates BUT that does not solve my issue as I know that the photos/videos in the smaller "system/iCloud" library are also in the larger library.
    10-19-2017 11:39 PM

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