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  1. patrickquirke's Avatar
    My sister has a 16gb iPhone 6 but the storage is full with her photos, she has iCloud photo library switched on and optimise storage ticked too. How can she remove photos off her phone without deleting them off iCloud library. She does not have a mac.
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    03-22-2016 03:51 PM
  2. Ledsteplin's Avatar
    You can't. iCloud is not a storage option. It's a back up option. It backs up what is currently on your device. So if you delete those photos from the camera roll, then they delete in iCloud. If you want to store photos, try Box and Dropbox.
    03-22-2016 04:52 PM
  3. WolfBanner87's Avatar
    Google photos works well to for iOS !!!
    03-22-2016 04:55 PM

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