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    It seems to be related (as most things are these days) to weirdness with iCloud. We used to share an Apple ID so we didn't have to purchase music/movies/apps twice and so we could have shared address books and calendars before those features were shareable. This also allowed us to share a single iCloud Photo Library, which was really cool since we have little kids. After buying apple watches, it became clear that digital touch would not work between devices on the same apple id. So I set up a new apple ID for my wife. I shared our old calendars with her from my apple ID and used our mac to export our contacts list into her new address book. There was no way for me to let her access our family iCloud Photo library (since that is a single user system - and is super stupid since I don't know many families who see their iMac as a 'single user computer').

    So all of the above was done so we could use digital touch on our new watches...but it barely works. Most of the time, she won't be notified of a DT message until hours after I send it. Sometimes, I will get a notice and it will have doodles and taps from her in a queue (with timestamps) and it will go through them in order. This was a hallmark feature of the Apple Watch and a main reason we bought them. Is anyone else having this same problem?
    01-07-2016 11:13 AM

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