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    This iCloud Photo Library is becoming a night mare. I want to rebuild my iCloud Photo Library from scratch. I deleted every photo on all devices and turned off iCloud photo library on all devices. also emptied deleted photos. when i turn it back on it starts downloading 7000 plus photos from iCloud. I go on iCloud photos on the web at iCloud.com and i can't delete the photos as the trash can is greyed out with a yellow bar at the top saying "iCloud photo library has been disabled" and i must wait 30 days. I have delete all device photos but iCloud.com won't let me . I am ready to enable it again, how do I delete the photos from iCloud.com and enable iCloud photos. I dont want to have to wait 30 days. I have contacted apple support and they dont know . Can I have an Apple engineer go in and delete a file. This is so crazy. Apple is known foe "ease of use" but this is a nightmare. Please help. What I am asking is,how can i delete my photos on iCloud.com, turn iCloud photos back on with an empty library and start again from scratch
    10-10-2015 04:08 AM

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