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    I've been using Apple Photos on OSX Mavericks and am using iCloud Drive along with it. My photos and videos collection is about 92Gb big and my iCloud Drive storage plan is 200GB (of which is 93Gb free).

    I've selected the option to have all originals on my Mac (located on an external drive).

    On Mavericks everything worked fine: edited/deleted/added images on my Mac synced perfectly with my iPhone (and iCloud.com).

    Then I decided to upgrade to El Capitan and choose to use this moment to do a clean install. After the smooth installation, I logged in to my Apple account, logged in the the iCloud services, enabled all services (like Photos).

    When I opened Photos (using the option key to select my Photos library on my external drive), the iCloud feature wasn't enabled in the settings and couldn't be enabled because the current library wasn't a system library. I guess the empty, default library (created automatically after the installation) was assigned as the system library. So I changed this and my imported library was now my system library.

    Now I enabled the option in Photos to use iCloud Drive. Now I got the message that missing images will be downloaded from the cloud. I thought that that was just a generic message (and also quite logic).

    But now Photos is downloading, uploading and adding files like crazy. I've decided to let Photos do what it needs to do. But now after days, it seems like images that I've edited (weeks ago on my iPhone) have been restored to the originals, some images are double (edited and original version), some are missing (with just a grey box showing) and most of facial recognition (that I've manually added) is missing.

    My iPhone is currently syncing without problems to the iCloud Drive (since I can see the changes on iCloud.com).

    But my Mac seems to be busy with syncing the last few hundred files. While the Mac's activity box says that my Mac (the cloudd proces) is uploading at maximum speed (2MB/s), Photos doesn't show any progress.

    Of course none of my newly shot photos from the past week are shown on my Mac's Photos app. So yesterday evening, in order to try to speed everything up, I decided to manually import the new images from my iPhone directly into my Mac's Photos app.

    Basically I should have been up to date, and the syncing should be finished anytime soon.

    But no, hours and hours later, the syncing status is the same. What to do? This drives me nuts!
    10-09-2015 01:55 PM
  2. kch50428's Avatar
    But no, hours and hours later, the syncing status is the same. What to do? This drives me nuts!
    On the Mac, Open the photos app at bedtime, and let it do its thing overnight while you sleep.
    10-09-2015 04:46 PM
  3. evansc22's Avatar
    Any updates? Did everything finish uploading?

    I'm having some photos issues too. Just curious how your situation turned out.
    10-17-2015 06:13 PM

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