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    My iCloud library has 2500 photos and 260 videos. Videos average about 1 minute.

    I have turned off iCloud library and turned it back on to see if that helped but my library is measuring 26GB and eating my available memory. Yes I have optimization on.

    Weird things associated with this issue. 1) my wife's phone (one iCloud) is about 17gb. 2) when I go to turn off iCloud library and hit "remove from iPhone" it says I am about to remove 2,420 (not the 2700 pics and vids that are on the phone). 3) when my wife toggles the iCloud library she gets another "about to remove" number (2,500).

    With the total number of items, majority HDR images and 60fps recording, should I have that much spaced used up?

    64GB iPhone 6
    09-30-2015 05:46 PM

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