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    I have no idea why, but only some of my contacts are showing up in my contacts on my computer. It also has "Me" listed as someone that isn't me and I can't figure out how to change it. I have tried adding accounts, icloud, facebook, etc and it didn't work. I have tried going to icloud on my phone, unselecting contacts, and reselecting contacts to try and make it refresh my contacts, but it didn't work. It's really annoying when i am trying to iMessage on my computer and phone numbers are popping up instead of contact names. What is really weird is that when I want to send a message, I will type in someone's name, and it shows me their name to click and autofill with their phone number, but when I click it it only shows up as their phone number instead of their name. Does anyone have a fix for this? It's really irritating
    04-25-2015 12:42 PM
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    04-25-2015 03:05 PM

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