1. clb239's Avatar
    I just turned in my iPhone to my old job. Before I turned it in I removed it from my iTunes and did a full reset.

    My problem is it still shows up in my iCloud. I found instructions to remove it using find my iPhone. When I go into the online iCloud and then go to find my iPhone, my old iPhone does not show up. The only device that showed up is my iPad.

    My question is, how can I remove the old phone from my iCloud account?


    09-18-2014 09:49 PM
  2. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    What do you mean it still shows up in your iCloud? Can you post a screenshot?
    09-19-2014 07:07 AM
  3. kataran's Avatar
    Did you sign out of find my phone in settings not the app
    09-19-2014 07:12 AM
  4. clb239's Avatar
    When I log in to Icloud.com and then click on settings - under my devices it shows my old iPhone...However, when I go to find my iPhone the only device visible there is my iPad...
    09-19-2014 07:33 AM
  5. blink1me82's Avatar
    Same is happening to me. Would like to know how to remove old devices. Recently got my iPhone 6 swapped 3 times, and all 3 devices are now under My Devices.
    Here a picture of what mine looks like.
    Remove device from iCloud-screen-shot-2014-09-26-12.22.08-am.png
    09-25-2014 11:21 PM
  6. TechGrasshopper's Avatar
    Same issue, recycled and wiped my Iphone5, bought an iphone6, I removed the iPhone5 from find my iPhone in iCloud, and its still listed under devices on the settings page.

    In addition to this, also two of my apple TV's are not listed, I think that might be because they are older, and although they are up to date on software, maybe they don't meet the min. software requirements, they are running apple tv software 6.2.1 (6698.99.50.41).
    03-29-2015 04:01 PM

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