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    So I have just happened to have an idea to use iCloud,though I don't neccessarily need it but it would be fun you know...

    Now I have a yahoo account on my Apple ID,the cloud on my phone is also based on that email ( in the menu of icloud it shows THAT yahoo address,say xyz@yahoo) and after setting up cloud,I made the icloud address same as "xyz@icloud.com"...bEFORE setting it up today,My phones contacts,reminders,mails etc all are on that "xyz@yahoo.com"..
    WHAT I want to do is,to delete my present yahoo address and sync everything with the cloud,i.e Reminders,notes and calender would already sync directly to cloud as I have found options for them (selecting icloud as the default folder) BUT how to sync contacts and Email directly from my yahoo mail to the cloud?..is it possible?and how to do it...
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    03-25-2014 05:36 PM
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    If you logged into https://appleid.apple.com (Manage My Apple ID) and then created an "alternate email address", then all you would have to do is logout of iCloud with your current Apple ID and then log back in with your alternate email address. Your previous iCloud data will be intact and will sync to your device without you having to do basically anything. However, if you created an entirely separate Apple ID then you may have to export your calendar, contacts, and other data and then import them using a computer or email. I'm sure they are other ways, but these are the two that immediately comes to mind...
    03-25-2014 05:46 PM

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