1. yaynative's Avatar
    I noticed after using a iCloud.com email for the first time that it isn't a instant two way sync like exchange is.

    Is this the same for everyone else?
    09-26-2013 07:38 PM
  2. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    09-27-2013 08:18 AM
  3. yaynative's Avatar
    Mine takes about two minutes to sync with iCloud.com. Oh we'll.
    09-27-2013 08:21 AM
  4. impaler's Avatar
    By two-way sync, I'll assume you mean that deleting a message on one device deletes it on all others, and icloud.com?

    If I delete a message/mark unread/mark read/flag a message on an iOS device the message is updated nearly instantly on icloud.com and my Macs. If I do the same on a Mac using Mail, the change happens on icloud.com, but the iOS device is not updated until a fresh push connection happens. Then the sync occurs. I don't think the issue is technical though, but is a means to reduce battery consumption by not pushing every flag status or read/unread status to every iOS device, where battery life means something more than on a Mac (especially a desktop). Gmail is seamless - but on iOS keeps a persistent connection to Gmail, thus why it updates so fast. I haven't measured battery consumption personally.
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    09-30-2013 01:07 PM
  5. yaynative's Avatar
    After a couple of days, I decided it works fast enough for me to be happy.
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    09-30-2013 01:12 PM

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