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    I can't seem to get photo stream to upload my photos like it should. I have 2. Apple Id I use. One is iTunes and AppStore and such that I share with my family. Another I use for the iCloud for me personally. Anyway is there a way to double check which one the photo stream is using? I can't get anything to show on my macair which I have updated to mountain lion. In mountain lion there are 2 spaces for apple Id under accounts and settings. Do I need to use @icloud.com in both places? My other apple Id that I share is a @hotmail.com email address. Please help
    01-02-2013 01:34 PM
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    When configuring your familys Apple devices, these settings are part of each devices primary iCloud account. While each device can have multiple iCloud accounts associated with it, only one of these iCloud accounts can enable a select set of features. These features include Bookmarks, Photo Stream, Documents & Data and Storage & Backup.

    Unfortunately, since these features are configured only via the iCloud settings on the device, they must all be associated with the same iCloud account.

    iCloud: Set up Photo Stream

    It can be hard to figure out how to do this. Some Apple IDs are set in the device settings, other are set separately per an individual app setting. The chart below illustrates how many Apple IDs you can have associated with each device, and where the ID associated with that service is configured:
    Attached Thumbnails Photo stream apple Id-appleid-settings-options1.jpg  
    01-02-2013 01:47 PM
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    Thanks John. I had everything just fine on the iPhone. the problem was on the macair. Since I had the macair a while before picking up the wife and I out new iphones I had the shared apple id on the macair first which had it my primary apple id on the macair. I had played around with a lot of settings and accounts within the different service and apps on the macair and the personal apple id under iphoto did not have the photo stream option available since it was the secondary apple id on the macair. Anyway since I didn't really use the mail client on the macair and use either outlook or just a web site for my email when using the macair i decided to make things easy and just deleted all accounts that anything to do with mail, contacts, calendars iPhoto or whatever and started clean. I wasn't worried cause i got all my contacts and calendar events synced to the cloud anyway. I left the shared apple id alone on the macair and just used my personal apple id and everything started syncing and coming back and the iphoto went just fine no problem along my contacts and calendars. Anyway the only thing I use the shared account for is itunes and app store so the wife and I don't have to pay but once. I also saved your chart for future reference should the need arise. It really made sense to see it laid out like that . Thanks again my friend
    01-02-2013 08:55 PM

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