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    I tried searching this with no luck and apologize if this question is not in the correct forum. I believe it is related to iCloud, but not positive.

    I have been using an iPhone for several years and currently using a Verizon 4s. I have my work email, calendar and contact set up as a exchange account and really have never had any issues.
    I recently bought a MacBook Air (replacing my PC) and use Office for Mac as my driver for my email, calendar and contacts - as I had used my PC before.
    But now I have this issue, when I accept an appointment sent to me by someone on my Mac it does not sync to accepted on my iPhone. If I accept it on my iPhone it shows up in my Outlook Calendar (on my Mac) as unaccepted. If I accept it again on Mac, it shows back up as an invite on my iPhone. And so it goes on.
    I have played with the iCloud settings turning of my calendars on devices (this actually happened with a third device, my iPad as well until I just took my calendar off of it) and back on but I seem to issues with appointments not syncing at all on my iPhone.
    I currently have calendar sync off on my iPhone (via iCloud settings) and calendars and reminders off on my Mac (via iCloud settings).
    Does anyone understand this issue that could provide some assistance or at least point me in the right direction?
    Thank you.
    08-21-2012 08:39 AM