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    I am going to start this by saying I did try to search for this topic but I didn't find anything so if I missed it I apologize in advance.

    Let me give you some history. About 6 months I had a Verizon iphone4 and everything was working fine then my home button started to fail. So I made sure my phone did its nighty iCloud backup and I went to the Apple store and had it swapped under warranty. I received a replacement device and restored via iCloud...all is well...

    Fast forward to yesterday...work decided to upgrade me to the Verizon ip4s (how nice right since the new iphone should be out in a few months) so I went to my local Verizon store and got a new ip4s 16g and the guy working there activated the phone as a new phone.

    When I came home I decided to restore the phone to new and then set it up with my most recent backup on icloud. Here is where the problems started. The phone phone restored from my icloud backup and rebooted and when the home screen came up it was asking me for my icloud password, which was strange to me since I just entered it to initiate the restore, but here is the weirder(if that's even a word) part... it wasn't even my icloud email address that was listed as the icloud login???? it was someone else's email address but the phone appeared to have all my settings and apps etc...

    So My question is this...why did my phone restore with my icloud account then ask me to re-enter a password for another persons account, even though it had everything else correct??

    Do you think it had to do with me having a replacement phone in the past and the other person's email was somehow was stored in my icloud backups?

    To resolve the problem I had to restore the phone again, but this time I set it up as a new phone. That seemed to fix the problem.

    My first reaction was that Verizon somehow sold me a refurb phone, but I watched him remove the plastic wrap from the new iphone4s box and everything in the box was untouched and had the platic on it too so maybe I'm just paranoid.

    Any thoughts or opinions are appreciated.
    07-03-2012 11:15 AM