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    I have a AppleID@me.com email address with iCloud.
    I also made up to three aliases, with corresponding 'real names'.

    Alias 1 for myself (primary) (real name: Bob)
    Alias 2 for my wife and me (real name: Bob and Chantal)
    Alias 3 for my wife (real name: Chantal)
    Alias 4 for purchases on the internet (real name: Marktplaats)

    What one would expect an alias to do is this:

    1. I send someone an email using an alias.
    2. When they receive it, it shows it came from the alias address with corresponding 'real name', and that they can't examine it in some way to get my 'primary' real name or address.
    3. Next, when they reply to my email, it still shows at my receiving end, the alias address with corresponding 'real name', and not my 'primary' real name or address.
    4. Finally, if I reply to them again, it still shows it as my alias address with corresponding 'real name'.

    The thing is that it works as expected (1,2, and 3) until I reply to the e-mail that people replied to me (4).
    The 'real name' changes into my 'primary' 'real name' (the email address is the correct one from the alias). If I accidentally send this mail they receive an email from another person. I can manually set it correct but it's an accident waiting to happen to forget to change it.

    This only appears to happen on Apple Mail in Lion and not in the iCloud web interface.

    Is this a bug in Apple Mail? Are my expectations for aliases to high?
    An easy solution would be to make more Apple ID's in iCloud, but you can only ad one Apple iCloud ID to the system prefs in Lion right?

    If anyone could help, it would be great and make the setup so much lighter than to set up multiple accounts (G-mail for instance).

    Thanks Bob
    06-26-2012 03:39 AM

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