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    Now this is just plain strange. When I logged into, I notice three contacts didn't have the pics I assigned on the iPhone. At that point I noticed that changes made to the contact from the iPhone didn't push to I finally thought I narrowed it down to a corrupt contacts pic. Whenever I had that pic assigned it halted all updates to Fair enough I thought, I'll just take a screen shot of the pic and use the screen shot for the contact pic. That didn't work. Any other picture will work except the one that I suspect is corrupt. But a screen shot IS a new picture. How could it not work???
    01-27-2012 11:10 PM
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    Well after playing around with this way too much I really think it's a bug in iOS/iCloud.

    It seems any picture from a third party camera that needs rotating to orient it correctly, completely screws up the contacts/iCloud link. The picture un-rotated works perfectly but rotating it anywhere else (on the iPhone, in Photoshop, in Windows) completely breaks the link. I also tried changing the file type to PNG, BMP, TIFF and neither of those work.

    The thing that completely baffles me is taking a screen shot of the image breaks the link (that one I just can't figure out).

    On top of that my battery started to drain very fast when this error state happens. I would be more than happy to send anyone some sample pics if they want to try and tackle this.
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    01-28-2012 03:54 PM