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    IPhone - 15 new emails
    iPad - 15 new emails
    iCloud - 15 new emails

    I am looking at all three at one time.

    From the iPhone I delete 1 message then refresh iPad and iCloud and it works - great. All three now show that message deleted.

    Now I proceed to manage all the email from the iPhone archiving some, moving some into various folders and deleting a few. I choose to leave 2 email in the inbox 1 unread and the other read.

    I refresh the iCloud and iPad, the iCloud works perfectly but the iPad still has 14 unread mail ??? I refresh, shutdown the mail program, reboot the iPad - all to no avail - it just will not sync.

    This isn't the first time - about a week ago it happened and so I erase all content and settings on the iPad and when I re-setup iCloud it works perfectly but obviously I can't do that every time.

    So I sit here with 14 unread email on the iPad wondering what to do with them ?

    Any ideas?
    11-22-2011 07:13 AM