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    So, ever since upgrading to the latest iTunes and iOS I was noticing that when plugged into iTunes my iPhone would randomly re-boot about once a day. This was fine until the other day, when using Safari on my iPhone my iPhone just crashed and lost all of my settings. Once that happened I decided it was time to restore my iPhone and I did just that. I restored from the iCloud. That is where the weird stuff started happening and my question is derived.

    After restoring I was unable to get most of my music from iTunes back onto my iPhone. I eventually got so frustrated I called Apple Support and was on the phone with them for a total of just about 4 hours. During that time we restored the phone about 3 times and uninstalled/re-installed everything having to do with iTunes on the computer. One of the things that happened was when I tried to sync with iTunes it was erasing songs from the playlists in iTunes, not putting those playlist songs on my iPhone.

    Anyway, at the end of the calls the Sr. Support person told me I needed to go to the store and swap out my phone since it was under warranty. I was not sure how the hardware had anything to do with the issue but I figured what the heck. So, I went into the store and the "Genius" associate said he would swap the phone but did not think that had anything to do with the issue either. I decided not to swap the phone and play around with the issue a bit longer and, I am not sure how, but I did eventually get the songs all on my iPhone. So, the questions are as follows:

    1. Has this happened to anyone else where you were not able to get songs on your iPhone randomly?
    2. The "Genius" associate told me you can ONLY sync your iPhone with EITHER iCloud OR iTunes. Is that true? He said that if you set to "Backup with iCloud" then when you plug your iPhone into the computer it does NOT sync anything with your phone. Maybe I am confused as to how then songs and playlists would get to your iPhone when purchased on the computer. I do understand how that works with photos but I did not think it worked that way with music.

    11-04-2011 12:24 PM
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    This never happened to me. I synch to both but not at the same time. I have to synch to my work computer for the calendar so I have that unchecked on my ICloud synch on the phone otherwise I get double entries or they disappear and then I have to restore by synching to work computer using ITunes. I do not synch Contacts at all since I do not want all my contacts on m y phone. My apps seem to be backed up to ICloud. I do not believe ICloud does anything with music. I think ITunes Match will provide that feature.
    11-05-2011 09:36 AM