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    I have been a long time gmail user and have been testing iCloud by forwarding all gmail to my .me since its release. Now I have decided to make the switch to iCloud and my question is what is the best way to get ALL my email from gmail to iCloud on a PC?

    Any help appreciated.

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    11-02-2011 10:47 AM
  2. biggjoe's Avatar
    Very good question, I would love to know as well. Another item would be to allow for a seamless transfer of items contained in 'Google Docs' to iCloud as well.
    11-02-2011 07:54 PM
  3. verwon's Avatar
    I don't think there is an easy method to bulk move the old email, I tried looking and never found anything.

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    11-02-2011 08:50 PM
  4. cotton's Avatar
    Here's a pretty good write up about how to migrate all your gmail to iCloud. I have not personally tried it, I just recalled seeing this article awhile ago on lifehacker.com

    11-02-2011 10:08 PM
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    This worked perfect for me.

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    11-03-2011 07:49 AM
  6. robertusvi's Avatar
    Thanks for all the responses, howvever please remember the original question is -How do I get ALL my email from gmail to iCloud using a PC (vista).

    1. I have already migrated my contacts and calendar.

    2. I don't have a Mac.

    Thanks for any help.
    11-03-2011 09:53 AM
  7. biggjoe's Avatar
    I would like to know this as well.
    11-03-2011 06:04 PM