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    Ok, so maybe I'm not completely getting HOW iCloud works....

    I have :
    iMac (Lion)
    IPhone4 (iOS5)
    iPad (iOS5)

    I am getting so overwhelmed. For one of my classes, I have a web downloaded PDF that I am wanting to read on my iPad. I can't directly open from the website on the iPad, due to the fact it opens it in an unscrollable window. I can open the PDF on my Mac and can either save it as a Bookmark, or as a PDF.

    How do I transfer that to the iPad?

    I saved it as a bookmark in Safari, but after 20 minutes, it is STILL not updated on the iPad. (Edit: FINALLY came through as a bookmark, but won't access the file because it requires a password for the site - so i need a pdf).

    And if I save it as a PDF on the Mac, how do i 'upload' it to the cloud and access it on the iPad??

    This doesn't work like the other 'cloud' services I've used....

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    10-14-2011 07:49 PM
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    have you tried to email it to yourself?

    the PDF view will be the same, usually, via any application that opens the PDF file on the iPad.

    you could use any of the free or paid file managers on the App Store to sync the file via iTunes.. once you install one of the file managers, you can upload the file via the App menu in iTunes:
    10-14-2011 07:54 PM
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    Ok cool thank you. Yeah I had tried to email, but I don't have email set up on my iPad... (i use my computer and phone for that). I was finally able to save as pdf (didn't realize I had to export them as pdf's - was trying to save as PDF from preview). I was getting a BIT frustrated!

    Then did what you said using my bluefire reader app...

    10-14-2011 08:06 PM
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    If you run into an "unscrollable window" again, also try using a two-finger scroll. Some page elements (like these comment boxes we type replies in) are scrolled by using two fingers at once, while one finger will scroll the whole page.
    10-14-2011 08:49 PM
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    dropbox use this app...download it on ur pc/mac...and download the ios version from app store...u get 2 gb of free storage - plenty for documents. u can even access ur files from the web directly

    works like a charm
    10-15-2011 05:17 PM