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    I've posted this over at iphoneforums.net as well as macrumors, with no luck so far...

    No matter what I try, I get the error in the attached image when I try and log into the iCloud Control Panel.

    I've tried it from two of my home computers, as well as my office computer. I've created additional Apple ID's and tried those. I've disabled the firewall in both places - though maybe there's more to that I'm unaware of.

    It appears to work fine from my phone and I can log into the web portal fine, I just can't log into the control panel - and therefore can't sync anything with my PC.

    One other piece of info - my phone is a Verizon iPhone, but is not currently activated - I've only been using it on my home wifi. Don't know if that has any bearing on the issue or not...

    Any thoughts would be much appreciated!
    10-13-2011 02:54 PM

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