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    I thought that Photostream would keep your latest 1,000 pictures/images for 30 days. So if you hit the limit the next bunch of new pictures would just push out the oldest images. Unless my photostream has problems it doesn't seem to work that way. :o I wanted to test this so I put over 1,0000 pictures from my iPhoto library into Photostream and once it got to 1,000 it just stopped. If I tried to add any new ones whether using iPhoto, iPad or iPhone they would go nowhere. So if this is really how it works then hitting the 1,000 image limit early in time means you would have to wait the remainder of the 30 days to put new pictures into the stream. I know 1,000 pictures/images seems like alot and with only the iPhone, iPad, Touch I would agree but allowing iPhoto to show and also upload to the photostream means that it's actually not that much of a limit. I took well over a 1,000 pictures on my 2 week honeymoon in Hawaii so I would have hit the limit right off the bat. They need to have some sort of way to control the photostream or atleast like I said have the new images just push out the oldest images.
    10-13-2011 11:29 AM
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    it is not well known and it removes the whole Photostream but you might want to know Embarrassing photos on your iCloud Photo Stream? Here's how to remove them - The Next Web
    10-13-2011 07:59 PM