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  1. twizler3's Avatar
    I've been running the iOS 5 beta since it was released on my iPad and I've been using iCloud email flawlessly on both the iPad and my iOS 4 iPhone up until last friday (July 15th). Now I cannot recieve any emails on both my iDevices but strangley I can send them. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?
    iOS 5 Beta 3 on iPad 1
    iOS 4.2.9 on iPhone 4
    07-21-2011 12:11 AM
  2. itsalexaye's Avatar
    I am also experiencing it. I was thinking about restoring as new.

    iPhone 3GS iOS 5 beta 3
    07-21-2011 09:09 AM
  3. twizler3's Avatar
    Tried restoring as new on the iPad and I got the same result. It seems to be a server issue on Apples side because my iPhone states "the mail server is not responding"
    07-21-2011 12:32 PM
  4. itsalexaye's Avatar
    its working for me now.
    07-22-2011 02:08 PM
  5. twizler3's Avatar
    For me as well, it's back up on my iOS 5 iPad but still down on my 4.2 iPhone

    EDIT: Working on both now
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    07-22-2011 02:26 PM
  6. Osama19's Avatar
    no mobileme, where do i access from to activate email icloud?
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    07-23-2011 01:48 PM
  7. kilcher's Avatar
    no mobileme, where do i access from to activate email icloud?
    If you're not a developer you'll need to wait until "fall" when it's released to the public.
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    07-24-2011 08:15 AM