1. osensnolf's Avatar
    I want to buy MobileMe but before I do, I would like to try the free 60-day trial. If I buy the trial, can I continue the service at the end by purchasing one of the discount MobileMe packages online?


    PS - This is my 100th post!
    06-25-2010 12:06 PM
  2. Ticman's Avatar
    when you sign up for the free trial you give credit card information. at the end of 60 trial period you are automatically billed for the service UNLESS you have cancelled your free trial period before the end of the 60 period
    07-08-2010 06:02 PM
  3. Raptor007's Avatar
    Actually that is not correct. Sign up for the free 60 day trial and yes it will require a credit card. Once you decide you like the service buy the discounted MobileMe package and then login and enter the key. It will continue in trial mode until the 60 day window ends then it will use the 1 year license key you purchased. It will not charge your credit card until the following year.

    I did this myself so I know it will work. You do not get the ability to use alias email address's until the service is out of trial mode. You can convert it to paid at anytime but you will lose whatever remaining days are left on your trial.

    This is something Apple should just allow you to do, but then again they won't since it cuts into their already high profit margins.
    07-12-2010 12:00 PM