1. cjvitek's Avatar
    Well, I bit the bullet and got a family mobile me account (for my wife and myself). Now I have to figure out what I want to do with it - what contacts and such, what calendar, etc (since I already have exchange). I also need to figure out how to get my wifes contacts to the account, since she currently doesn't have a computer (long story, but she will be getting an iMac in the next few weeks).

    From what I recall, there is no way to have mobile me and exchange sync the same information, correct?

    10-14-2009 09:32 AM
  2. cobra302's Avatar
    i dont beleive you can, as mobile me will basically take over the synching of those items. i tried to use google synch and mobile me to move my calendar around and ended up with double items of everything. still trying to sort that one out.
    10-14-2009 09:43 AM
  3. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    Sorry, there isn't. Only other way would be to manually enter said items...
    10-14-2009 11:33 AM
  4. Brickman's Avatar
    Now this must be different for iPhones because I know that when you set up a new computer (Macbook/iMac) to sync with MoMe with out destroying your existing data. When you do your first sync, there is a drop box that ask you if you want to "merge" or ""overwrite" data on computer. Again may different on an iPhone. If the iPhone can not do this maybe you can wait until you get the iMac and set the iMac up to sync with MoMe then just sync the iPhone with iMac.

    Just a thought...
    10-14-2009 11:56 AM