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    I tell ya what it. I have met so many people with twins since our daughter had them. The girls are identical and 21 months old. They are such a delight and exhausting at the same time. The first year just about killed their parents. They live a few miles from us so when I am not working on the weekends I am often watching them. They were 6 weeks premature with a few issues and in the NICU for 2 weeks but you wouldn't know it now!
    I'll have to PM email you their pictures when I get home tonight, if you're interested. AND I always told my daughter that her payback would be having girls. I was doubly blessed there!
    02-14-2009 07:52 PM
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    Back to the issue at hand. Just got the girls to bed so I'm on my son-in-law's PC. Went to Gmail to reset up my Charter acct. and it actually asked me if I wanted to be able to reply with the Charter address. But when I did that on my MAC at home, it never did! Weird.
    02-14-2009 07:56 PM
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    Tx, I would love to see some pics! My wife was able to carry ours full term, but she was at bed rest for 5 months. They were almost 6 lbs each when they were born. I remember being able to sleep with my son sleeping on my chest. Now he 6'-1"!! It is an exhausting time, but tell your daughter she will look back and not change a minute of it!

    Back OT. That is weird about your Mac. Now I use FF most of the time. But I think I could still see that on Safari? I will have to check. So it sounds like you got it working?

    Got your WiFi prob figured out yet?
    02-14-2009 08:13 PM
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    I can hear the little dickens in the other room jumping around so I was not successful getting them to sleep. Will be logging off shortly. The Gmail thing still does not work properly in my Iphone. Even though I receive my Charter email on Gmail, when I reply, it sends the mail as from Gmail and not the Charter address. Go figure. I will eventually switch a lot of my email contacts to the MoMe address and that will resolve most of it. I don't think there is actually a wi-fi problem. Charter even states on their site that one cannot send email over wi-fi with Charter. I can send anything else with wi-fi, no problem.
    I'll try to put together a couple of pictures of the girls for you when I get home later.
    02-14-2009 08:26 PM
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