1. Mikah Sargent's Avatar
    Hello, fellow HomeKit enthusiasts!

    One of my favorite things about iOS is Apple's home automation framework, HomeKit. And as of iOS 10 I am LOVING the new Home app. I've written quite a bit about it over on the site.

    Still, even as Apple dives deeper into home control and automation, there are some third-party home automation accessory makers who've yet to play nice with Apple's HomeKit framework (lookin' at you, Nest!). For those of us who'd like to control all our devices non-HomeKit devices included via Siri and the new Home app, we have to look to open source software like Homebridge.

    Homebridge is essentially a bridge (*ding*) between your non-HomeKit-enabled devices and HomeKit itself. It lets you control many, many devices within the Home app or via Siri.

    So I'm curious: Do you use Homebridge? What devices do you have connected via this method? Do you have any questions about Homebridge? Gimme a shout in the thread!
    09-29-2016 02:28 AM
  2. mavsguy842's Avatar
    I don't use Homebridge, but I'm curious if running it leaves your home more vulnerable to attack than if you were using only HomeKit compatible accessories/hubs. I know one of the key aspects of HomeKit is end to end encryption.

    Personally I won't buy any smart home accessories that aren't HomeKit certified. They all tend to have Android apps as well, so buying only HomeKit certified makes my setup compatible with as many potential homebuyers as possible when it's time to sell. I don't plan on selling my HomeKit setup with the house, but I know those are the kinds of things that can sometimes be included in an offer.
    09-29-2016 11:05 AM
  3. Mikah Sargent's Avatar
    Yeah, by running something like Homebridge you do run the risk of reducing security for your smart home setup — particularly if you don't know what all the coding does.

    For me, it's been a fun hobby to connect my non-HomeKit products to my mostly HomeKit home. But I try to maintain awareness of how that affects my setup.
    10-04-2016 05:23 PM
  4. robertk328's Avatar
    I've looked into it but have no clue how to start. Bridges make me nervous -- as they are totally dependent on continued support that may not always be there, which could render a lot of expensive stuff useless.
    11-02-2016 08:25 PM

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