1. John Yester's Avatar
    The more I keep reading about it, and now with HomeKit accessories being set for release, I am excited to try it out. But hoping some of this stuff comes down in price. I know it's new and Apple will allow the prices to stay high on some level.

    What are you excite din trying for your home?
    06-02-2015 12:12 PM
  2. Bigeric23's Avatar
    I'm going to wait until these accessories are tested before I fork over any money. It all sounds cool, but . . .
    06-02-2015 12:16 PM
  3. kataran's Avatar
    I'm very interested in where Homekit is going and plan on following its progress
    06-02-2015 08:01 PM
  4. coreymcl's Avatar
    Having spent quality time with several other solutions including Revolv (now owned by Nest/Google) and SmartThings (now owned by Samsung). I'm looking for to Apple's take on Home Automation. However what I'm most hoping to see from HomeKit is support for popular standards such as Z-Wave and WEMO (Belkin) devices. Having invested $1000 in switches prior to last year's announcement of HomeKit from Apple I'm not looking forward to having to replace these switches already. Let's not also forget support for Nest devices. I know Nest is owned by Google but Apple needs to see so many people have invested too much money in these devices to replace them for no good reason.
    06-02-2015 11:01 PM
  5. JonathanCarroll's Avatar
    I have long relied on home automation -- been a happy user of X10 accessories for almost 20 years and most recently, Hue lights.

    What excites me most about Apple's entrance into this market is that it is going to push other players to up the game a bit. The ecosystems and software to actually control a variety of devices in a home is woefully short on user experience. Nobody has really nailed the organization of Rooms, Schemes, Groups etc so far. I think the software/platforms we use to orchestrate all of our "stuff" is now going to see a real evolution over the next little while. Apple's entrance to this market will mean more people are watching and that is going to drive innovation.
    06-04-2015 01:18 PM
  6. gwhizkids's Avatar
    Apparently, Nest is open to participating in HomeKit. See the Google+ post I refer to below (with my initial comment and their response)

    06-11-2015 08:39 AM

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