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    Hi guys just moved to an AW4 from a FitBit Charge2 that I've been using with MFP for a couple years (used MFP for a year before that with no tracker just mapmywalk on my phone). I'm wondering if there is a better app to use than MFP for tracking calories burned etc with the Watch? It seems they don't play too well together.

    I'm assuming that "active calories" should be similar to when FitBit used to add calories to my daily allowance in MFP. However, where I had 400+ active calories yesterday in the Health app (move ring) with a 2000ish "resting energy" MFP only adjusted to add like 40. This is with MFP set to "sedentary" with a 1lb/week weight loss which gives me a normal daily allowance of 1690 before adjustments.

    Just wondering if people use a different app with AW or maybe something "in the middle" like Under Armor Record or something (just a guess never used it). I'm not opposed to going to an entirely new platform for tracking food and calories together but MFP free version has been perfect for my needs until now and of course has the huge food database/etc. so it would have to be really worth it.
    10-24-2018 01:54 PM

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