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    Hey guys! It's our first post here and we thought you guys would have some awesome suggestions for us.

    We are Apptiv Games and we are building Pedometer Powered Social games for iOS devices. Our games turn your footsteps into currency and powerups. The problem we are solving is that exercise is meaningful but often boring, while games are fun but often meaningless. By combining these we gamify fitness, incentivize exercise, and inspire health with technology!

    We will be releasing a series of our own games which store your footsteps and points in the cloud so you can spend them in any Apptiv game. The framework is also able to be incorporated into other mobile and web games as well.

    Our first product is called the Apptivater. It will let you track you and your friend's activity quickly and easily, set daily exercise goals, form teams, accomplish achievements and challenge your friends to beat your scores. You can see the first version of our User Interface attached below. But that's just the start! We've got some big plans coming down the pipe so stay tuned!

    What do you think? Does this sound like something you'd use? We want to hear your suggestions and thoughts and game ideas to design something that excites you!

    Let us know!

    08-13-2012 03:32 PM