1. IqWaN's Avatar
    Lost 5 kgs, increased my stamina by a fair amount. Increased a lot of strength. I don't feel lazy anymore. I feel a lot different. I'm still hitting the gym. Going to get those 6 pack abs.
    03-02-2012 08:36 PM
  2. decarlo4's Avatar
    I am now able to do 5 sets of 12 push-ups (on a rotation of sit-ups and squats). So my upper body is stronger. I'm toning more than losing but my clothes feel nice. My goal was/is to lose around 10 pounds but I'll take muscle tone any day. Still doing my cardio with different exercises or classes everyday.
    I'm on track for this spring/summer.

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    03-02-2012 09:14 PM
  3. jhartigan7591's Avatar
    While I was not really an active poster in this group, I did follow these posts as a means of motivation. Overall, my goals for February were to gain muscle mass and decrease body fat. At the start of the month, I was roughly 168lbs and 15% body fat. At the end of the month, I am roughly 172 pounds at 14% body fat. I was hoping for a greater decrease in body fat but what can you do. I attribute the weight gain to taking Casein protein before bed and I attribute the body fat decrease to taking CLA with every meal. Hope everyone met their goals!
    03-02-2012 09:25 PM
  4. ewilliams1009's Avatar
    I had great success at going to bed early and getting 8 hours of sleep but I was not so good at cutting back the sugar in my diet. I really liked that we all did this together and could support each other. I also liked that it was a concentrated amount of time to try to make a difference in your lifestyle. It made it easier for me to stick to my goals. Thanks!!!
    03-02-2012 10:36 PM
  5. Kristy_Lyn's Avatar
    I've lost 12.8 lbs since starting my fitness goals! I am more physically fit, and can do knuckle push ups at karate now. I've also dropped two sizes!
    03-02-2012 11:15 PM
  6. gold182's Avatar
    I could have lost more
    03-02-2012 11:44 PM
  7. Chirogreg's Avatar
    My goal was to start a work out program, again. I am using 100 pushups and a "peak" fitness program. It does feel good to be exercising again!
    03-03-2012 01:42 AM
  8. cjhpe's Avatar
    I feel stronger and better. I am glad I have finally started something. Actually planning to join YMCA today so I can start some sort of cardio. Plan to keep up the strength training every morning as well. I would like one of the prizes especially the iPad 3. But really I am just glad something finally motivated me to start really moving again with a goal in mind!
    03-03-2012 07:25 AM
  9. aj34's Avatar
    What I loved about this challenge is that it made me aware of my fitness/eating habits everyday. Since I had to record my status, I became much more aware of my sugar intake and keeping my daily exercise routine. Thanks for a good month of increased workouts and better eating.
    03-04-2012 12:50 AM
  10. fury's Avatar
    Well, missed week one (I think), but week 2 I decided to start standing up at my desk at home. This is about the only success I've had, if you can call it that. My feet, calves, and legs still want to stab me in the face with a fork and douse me with gasoline and light me on fire for doing this to them, but I am pretty sure it's going to do me good in the end. Week 3 I wanted to clean up my apartment and eliminate a source of stress that was getting in my way...yeah still working on that. Week 4 I didn't really have a goal except to keep up 2 and 3. I'm still trying to whip up a nice high-energy music mix that gets me into a good rhythm for cleaning, working out, etc.

    I did manage to dust off my surround sound speakers and hook them up to my iMac and PC (Klipsch Promedia v.2-400...blast from the past).
    03-04-2012 07:40 AM
  11. jaaaaaaaaaam's Avatar
    i've replaced cigarettes and fizzy/energy drinks with water, stopped drinking tea/coffee. Been riding my bike 3/4 times a week instead of one and i feel a lot better! Just hoping i can keep this up and not do what i normally do and quit after a few months and go back to the bad habits
    03-05-2012 06:09 AM
  12. Jocelyn1464f's Avatar
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    03-05-2012 12:02 PM
  13. henrymagnusrex's Avatar
    I was not really aiming to lose weight. I did increase my cardio performance, which I am happy with. I'm starting my cardio back up today and I hope to be able to keep the progress i have made up!
    03-05-2012 01:49 PM
  14. ilovebarolo's Avatar
    I made going to the gym a habit, which makes me thrilled. I've never been able to make it a habit before. Lost 1.4 inches around the hips, but only three pounds. Seven more to go until I'm satisfied -- but I'm not sure thats ever gonna happen!
    03-05-2012 10:26 PM
  15. Fokas914's Avatar
    I Hit My goals from weeks 1-4! I feel great everyday! I go to the gym every day and do all my cardio, and come home and do strength exercises. I eat a lot healthier now and I can feel the difference. I will be continuing of course and making new goals that I can achieve! This has been such a great journey you guys kept me motivated! Let's keep eachother going and share more goals every week!
    03-06-2012 05:36 AM
  16. wiggy1's Avatar
    It is so great to see all the excellent results from the forum members. I met my goals and was able to help others too.
    03-06-2012 09:01 PM
  17. Gigi100557's Avatar
    I had a goal of losing 20 lbs. actually lost 10 lbs but keeping track of my food/calorie intake has opened my eyes to how much I was eating and the types of food. I do not do exercise well but I have been walking more and I purchased an ab lounger that is really working out well.
    03-06-2012 11:11 PM
  18. Duvi's Avatar
    I planned on getting back to 'gym rat' ways prior to Fitness month, but it so happen that I started around the same time. I've been consistent with the gym for the past 3 weeks and was doing some p90x prior to that. I know I've lost weight, but I don't bother weighing myself... I feel it and I'm starting to see the change (more room in my pants as well as using up another notch on my belt) and until I'm where I want to be, the weight doesn't matter to me.
    03-07-2012 12:31 AM
  19. FendrGuitPlayr's Avatar
    I've decided to keep up with my cutting sugars out and exercise and with
    Spring coming will get even more exercise.
    03-07-2012 10:38 AM
  20. ricnmar's Avatar

    My goal was a Half Marathon (13.1 Miles) in a time under 1hour 50minutes.

    My time was: 1:44:50!!!!!

    I raised the bar for myself a bit, next year I will need even better or maybe run the full marathon 26.2 miles... YIKES!!
    03-07-2012 12:59 PM
  21. Sketso's Avatar
    Had a goal of dropping 20, dropped 7. Not the win I hoped for, but it's a start! Definitely starting to gain my "wind" back again! Thanks for the challenge!
    03-07-2012 01:45 PM
  22. future_nobody's Avatar
    I no longer want to win the iPad 3. I'd like to win The New iPad, though, please.
    03-07-2012 04:39 PM
  23. copernicus0001's Avatar
    I am down about 27 lbs. since Feb 1. I am not stopping now... I am really pushing hard to maintain a healthier lifestyle!
    03-09-2012 10:40 PM
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