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    So I started my goal to be healthy before iMore made it cool not by much though. I started on Jan 1st.

    I did not really have a set goal in mind, well not really. I wanted to be able to run a 5k and lose weight. I went to the doctor in November and I was told I would feel better if I lose 25lbs. So I took that as I am fat and need to get healthy. Plus we have a few fun races coming up this year, 2 Warrior Dashes and a Zombie run.

    Since Jan 1st, I have lost 32 pounds, and can almost run a 5k. When I first started I was lucky to run for 2 minutes without being winded. I am now wear 36 pants instead of 38, and the 36's are a little big. No more XL shirts, L or M. My dress work shirts went down from 17 1/2" collars to 16" collars. I feel better and have more energy than ever! I am almost 40 and feel better than when I was in my 20's

    I credit most of my change to the iPhone. I have been using 4 apps to help me.

    First is: App Store - Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal

    I use it to track everything I put in my mouth and my weight and exercise everyday. I love that I can use the website or my iDevices to log my food and exercise.

    Next is: App Store - Ease into 5K

    I am the final weeks and like I said I am almost at the point where I can run a 5k without walking. When I do the program I turn off the timer on the treadmill and flip my phone over so I don't see the interval times. I just go until the app ques me to walk or run.

    Next up is: App Store - Digifit in combination with iPhone 4S heart rate monitor, iPhone 4S heart rate strap, Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Strap by Wahoo Fitness, Blue HR

    I use them to monitor my heart rate and calories burned. I find the ability to use Bluetooth to connect to my phone makes it very easy to use. No watches to wear or wires to plug into the phone.

    Lastly, I have just started using: App Store - Hundred PushUps

    I just finished week one of that and I am already doing 45 pushups.

    Starting in a few weeks I will start weight training on top of everything else.

    So.... Thank you iPhone for helping me get healthy for my family and for myself!
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    02-17-2012 12:56 PM