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    People of iMore, the Mobile Nations Fitness month continues!

    If you're joining us while we're already in progress, can go read all about Mobile Nations Fitness Month on the front page, but here's still where the action is taking place. This is where we're setting reasonable, attainable goals. This is where we're starting our pattern for pure win.

    Ready for week 2? Now you have a choice, you can take what you were doing for week 1 and increment it a notch, or you can add a second goal to your first. Again, whichever way you go, it should be challenging enough that it takes some effort to do it, but not so challenging that you give up before you really get going. Here are some examples.


    • Stop eating junk food/fast food for the week
    • If that's too easy, start focusing on reasonable (smaller!) portion sizes.

    A week is 6 days, you get a cheat day at the end! If you have trouble with portion size, buy some small disposable plates to use for the week, and don't cook more than one portion at a time (stops you going back for thirds )

    Strength training

    • Do 2 sets of 20 pushups, 20 sit ups, and 20 squats every morning right when you get up.
    • If that's too easy, do 4 sets.

    You can start with 1 set and work up to 2, or 3 sets and work up to 4. The important thing is to get going! Depending on your fitness level, you can also add other body weight exercises, like chin ups, lunges, crunches, etc. to mix things up and keep them fresh.

    Cardio training

    • Do 20 min. of cardio, 3 times during the week. It can be running, dancing, martial arts, rope skipping, jumping jacks, anything.
    • If that's too easy, do 30 min. at a slightly higher intensity.

    You can run for as long as you can and then walk, for example, if you need to, but you want to try to run -- or do whatever cardio activity you're doing -- for longer each time until you get to the full time.

    If you're ready to go up another notch, try cardio that involves more of your whole body. Hold your arms up high for few minutes, a few times, a while while you run, or bring your knees up high for a few intervals.

    Ready...? Set...? GO!

    What's your goal for week 2 going to be? Pick it and stick it in a reply below, then come back every day and let us know how you're progressing! If you're doing well, share your story and help keep us inspired. If you're having trouble, ask questions and we'll be there to help.

    The important thing is to do and to keep doing. Pick something attainable and then attain it!

    Oh, and you could win an iPad 3!

    You, the iMore Nation, are our motivation. And to keep you motivated, we have some great prizes lined up. Anyone and everyone who participates, who shares their goals and keeps us up-to-date with their regular progress will be automatically entered to into our:

    • Weekly drawings for an iPod nano. We're giving away 4 total, one each week!
    • Grand prize drawing for an iPad 3 IOU! (You'll get it when Apple launches it!)

    (We're also giving away an [B][Xbox 360 Kinect from ZEN and TECH/B], so don't forget to URL="http://forums.imore.com/health-fitness-forum/229880-xbox-360-kinect-giveaway-zen-tech.html"]enter that as well![/URL])

    There will also be some great app and accessory giveaways along the way to keep everyone on their toes.
    02-09-2012 11:05 AM
  2. ricnmar's Avatar
    Keeping up the running! Going to go up from 25 miles per week to 30!!
    02-09-2012 11:59 AM
  3. cjhpe's Avatar
    I will plan to keep doing what I did from week one except trying to up it to the week two goal of 2 sets each of 20 situps, pushups and squats. I will also add in the watching my portions of food. Going to be hard...

    Thanks for the motivation it is definitely helping me stay on track!

    02-09-2012 12:04 PM
  4. Ginbill's Avatar
    I'm going to try to go another week not only cutting out soda but also junk food! This one is going to be tricky..
    02-09-2012 12:04 PM
  5. twinkleberi's Avatar
    My goal this week is to increase the reps on my strength training from 10 to 12 (doing 3 sets). I'm also increasing the amount of time I'm running from 9 minutes to 14 minutes. I'm walking for the other 16 minutes.
    02-09-2012 12:10 PM
  6. 0pusX's Avatar
    This week along with the 30-40 min of cardio 4 tmes this week, i am going to attempt to cut out ALL soda. Not even diet allowed. Also goibg to increase my water intake!
    02-09-2012 12:20 PM
  7. thekrayze's Avatar
    update for me. I have ran for a full mile twice this week. again, i still walk the dog twice a day for 1/2 miles walks each time.

    I have cut out soda all together (before i would have one 12oz can a day and a glass or two of soda at home.
    next week i will cut out snacks. (i have a box of Twinkies in my work drawer i need to finish, then no more. And i love me some Twinkies)

    every day this week was yogurt or oat meal. no more pop tarts.
    02-09-2012 12:25 PM
  8. Kristy_Lyn's Avatar
    I want to see some better numbers when I weigh in this week, my goal for week 2 is to keep on track with my healthy eating and exercise!
    02-09-2012 12:32 PM
  9. Jphotoz's Avatar
    P90X2 still going strong. (no pun intended)

    I have been working out everyday since January 1st. I have not missed a day.

    Have a great workout
    02-09-2012 12:36 PM
  10. Dionte's Avatar
    I want to break 220, I was 225 this morning.
    02-09-2012 12:48 PM
  11. gregorypleau's Avatar
    My goal is simple. Restart that running routine I had going before the winter.
    02-09-2012 12:49 PM
  12. RevJar's Avatar
    Yeah, that's going to be hard. But Starbucks doesn't count as junk food, does it?
    02-09-2012 01:06 PM
  13. luvesuga's Avatar
    Joining in a week late, but I'm going to do 40 minutes of cardio 5 times a week and try to only drink water, as well as cutting back on junk food.
    02-09-2012 01:08 PM
  14. Fokas914's Avatar
    This week I will still focus on doing cardio at least 6 times a week for 30 min per day, but I would like to add 15 min of strength training as well! I'm going to be dead but I know I can do it!!
    02-09-2012 01:11 PM
  15. HeyGreggie's Avatar
    the main focus for me has been bench/pushups heavy and losing weight, my man gut is damn near gone in just really a little over a month (using weights). My goal to have a toned chest by June is lookin more promising everyday, especially after i drop these last couple pounds. I'm at my ideal weight, it's just moreso of a toning thing.

    I can't work on the 1230 calories that was recommended by MyFitnessPal app, so instead i'm opting for a little bit more, say it, 1500 even.

    Once I'm at my ideal weight, Im not going back to eatign junk and not working out. I still am getting in the habit of 5 day a week gym sessions.
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    02-09-2012 01:14 PM
  16. mk3s's Avatar
    My goal is to lessen my meal portions and eat healthier, low-calorie, low-sodium foods!
    02-09-2012 01:19 PM
  17. HeyGreggie's Avatar
    I'm going to try to go another week not only cutting out soda but also junk food! This one is going to be tricky..
    Yeah that was the kicker to me. I cheat a little bit with the selzer water, but at my office we do Pepsi products, which means Aquafina.. and I hate it with a passion. I have to get in the habit of a Friday workout. I've limited myself to a based format starting this week.

    -No Sodas
    - No Microwavable foods
    - Chop't salad only once a week
    - Energy bar & vitamin D pills every day
    - Lifting weights 3x a week and 1 hr. of cario 3x a week.
    - Gatorade for electrolytes while working out only.
    - 6 bottles of water a day

    It's all trial and error though. It took me the entire month of January to figure out my calorie sweet spot, but I think I'm finally where I need to be with it.
    02-09-2012 01:22 PM
  18. future_nobody's Avatar
    Been pretty good so far. The cold weather has made biking outside really tough, but there's a slight warmup today so I shouldn't have much trouble. And with this calorie/activity app, I've been tracking my intake and expenditure, and I'm super proud to be able to say that I haven't taken in more calories than I burned since the beginning of the year.

    I was pretty close on Super Bowl Sunday, though...
    02-09-2012 01:29 PM
  19. sawinter's Avatar
    As I started week one with pushups and sit ups and it has been going very well. I don't have a treadmill and its still a bit too cold to be running outside for me so for Week 2 I am going to opt for eating healthier. To start, I have to cut out the coffee and sodas, and maybe swap out one meal for a salad a few times a week. Here's to week 2.
    02-09-2012 01:42 PM
  20. druantia's Avatar
    My goal is to continue to track my eating in the Lose It app on my iphone and to keep walking on the treadmill for 20 - 30 minutes every morning Monday - Friday.
    02-09-2012 01:49 PM
  21. rgar3388's Avatar
    I will be running 12 miles this week.
    02-09-2012 01:54 PM
  22. MAGNUS's Avatar
    Last week was strength and cardio, which I nailed, if I must say so. This week, I'll continue those and add on nutrition.

    Since starting last week I've already lost 4lbs. I'd say I'm on the right track for success.

    Here's good luck to everyone and sticking to their goals.
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    02-09-2012 01:59 PM
  23. ilovebarolo's Avatar
    I'm sticking with my new gym membership + cardio.
    I did 30-45 minutes, high intensity intervals (high incline uphill walking), four times in the 1st week.
    I want to keep that up or even add a day this week.

    I don't seem to have lost any weight so far, but it's only been five days. Exercise makes me hungry, but I go home and have a big salad at night. I'm trying to focus on health and fitness rather than weight and how I look in my skinny jeans!
    02-09-2012 01:59 PM
  24. Alli's Avatar
    Next goal - keep walking! Drink more water.
    02-09-2012 02:09 PM
  25. walker023's Avatar
    Week 2: start walking/running 2 miles every day
    02-09-2012 02:09 PM
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