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What's my iPhone worth?
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    (Is it ok if I start this? Rene, please delete of it's not - and sorry if I overstepped!)

    I am excited because today I am joining the little gym down the road. The thing i like about this place is you get a key and can go in any time you want. My fianc has been a member forever and I am going to try to hop on as a household member if they let me. I have a Bermuda honeymoon coming up in June, and I want to look decent in photos. Also, I recently turned 40, and it's now or never with the fitness thing. I have about 10 lbs I would like to lose, but if that doesn't happen, I'd at least like to feel better and firm up these arms, legs and butt.

    Now, let's keep this iMore, too - should I order an iPod shuffle for the gym? :-) I have the iPhone, but that is a little heavy for the treadmill! I know the Nano has some small fitness apps, but I'm saving for the 4s and would rather put the extra $100 toward 4s storage. (However, I could be convinced to get the Nano.)

    PS Tried changing thread name, but it wouldn't let me.
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    Personally I would go with the Nano. I am dying to get one but....I just want to wear it as a watch. LOL. No work out for me tonight. It's my rest night. Trying to only rest Friday's and Sunday's.
    02-03-2012 04:03 PM
  3. ilovebarolo's Avatar
    Thanks! That's what I was thinking. I'm not sure if I want to have a shuffle again. What kills me is my fiancé just got a new Nano through the replacement program so now he has two newish, identical Nanos, and he wants to keep them both. Well, the poor guy has to use a Droid 2 for work, so I'll let him have his Nanos. Enjoy your night of rest!

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    02-03-2012 05:24 PM
  4. MunchkinD13's Avatar
    Thanks, I will. Wow two Nanos...that hardly seems fair. But you're right, being stuck with a Driod isn't fair either. I've never owned a smart phone other than iPhone so I don't know what that would be like actually.
    02-03-2012 05:34 PM
  5. Fokas914's Avatar
    Congrats on joining the gym! That's great! I've been a member at planet fitness for a while now and its pretty decent for the price. I mostly use the elliptical or treadmill. The iPhone can be a bit heavy I can agree on that. do you have one of those arm accessories for the iPhone? I've never used it before and was wondering if people seem to like it. I use my iPhone at the gym all of the time! I like either watching netflix or pandora or my playlist
    02-04-2012 03:00 AM
  6. ilovebarolo's Avatar
    I honestly think it never occurred to the guy I might want his Nano, because I have so many other gadgets! I'm curious about the phone armband, too. Actually, I never thought of watching movies on my iPhone at the gym. Not a bad idea, especially if the gym has wifi. Could also do video podcasts, but I'm not sure the pace would keep me going. we have Planet Fitness here in CT, too, and they're known for being low cost.
    02-04-2012 09:28 AM
  7. astralisdustin's Avatar
    Make sure you find a workout partner. I find it is much easier to slack off if you don't have a partner counting on you.
    02-04-2012 07:45 PM