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    Sorry for not checking in earlier, but Insanity pure cardio and abs is insane. no fast food, and i feel great!
    02-15-2012 11:43 PM
  2. gthugballin's Avatar
    Still no fast food and still no soda... lol its so hard to keep going ... but imma keep doing it... cuz i want my iPad 3

    also did my cardio and pushups as normal... woooot
    02-16-2012 05:01 AM
  3. body_results's Avatar
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    People of iMore, the Mobile Nations Fitness month has begun!

    You can go read all about it on the front page, but here's where the action is taking place. This is where we're setting reasonable, attainable goals. This is where we're starting our pattern for pure win.

    Not sure how to start? Pick just ONE thing from this list and make it you goal for the week. It should be challenging enough that it takes some effort to do it, but not so challenging that you give up before you really get going. Here are some examples.


    • Stop drinking sugary drinks for a week (or beer of that's more your thing).
    • If that's too easy, stop eating fast food/junk food for a week.

    A week is 6 days, you get a cheat day at the end!

    Strength training

    • Do 2 sets of 10 pushups, 10 sit ups, and 10 squats every morning right when you get up.
    • If that's too easy, do 4 sets.

    You can start with 1 set and work up to 2, or 3 sets and work up to 4. The important thing is to get going!

    Cardio training

    • Do 15 min. of cardio, 3 times during the week. It can be running, dancing, martial arts, rope skipping, jumping jacks, anything.
    • If that's too easy, do 20-30 min. at a slightly higher intensity.

    You can run for as long as you can and then walk, for example, if you need to, but you want to try to run -- or do whatever cardio activity you're doing -- for longer each time until you get to the full time.

    Ready...? Set...? GO!

    What's your goal for week 1 going to be? Pick it and stick it in a reply below, then come back every day and let us know how you're progressing! If you're doing well, share your story and help keep us inspired. If you're having trouble, ask questions and we'll be there to help.

    The important thing is to do and to keep doing. Pick something attainable and then attain it!

    Oh, and you could win an iPad 3!

    You, the iMore Nation, are our motivation. And to keep you motivated, we have some great prizes lined up. Anyone and everyone who participates, who shares their goals and keeps us up-to-date with their regular progress will be automatically entered to into our:

    • Weekly drawings for an iPod nano. We're giving away 4 total, one each week!
    • Grand prize drawing for an iPad 3 IOU! (You'll get it when Apple launches it!)

    There will also be some great app and accessory giveaways along the way to keep everyone on their toes.
    I'm a personal trainer so I don't think I will qualify for your contest, however I'm here to help anyone that needs it. Let me know...

    02-16-2012 11:49 AM
  4. gthugballin's Avatar
    lol i feel like this thread has died a little i hope people aren't giving up... because I know i'm not.

    This has been the best thing to happen for me... I've been so lazy recently... this incentive defiantly picked me back up so i can start running again, and getting back to my old fit self.

    No soda is killing me tho lol... its hard...

    But my push ups sit ups and squats are still going strong

    100 pushups
    150 sit ups
    100 squats

    Hope everyone else is still going strong !

    I'm a personal trainer so I don't think I will qualify for your contest, however I'm here to help anyone that needs it. Let me know...


    I think you qualify ... i'm pretty sure its more about people doing something this month even if you do more or less of what they suggested in the main post.

    I think studies show that if you post about your success with a work out on Facebook your friends will be more likely to exercise as well... sooooooo post it up bro and get other people fired up !

    Sorry for not checking in earlier, but Insanity pure cardio and abs is insane. no fast food, and i feel great!
    Have you done p90x cardio, if yes, how does it compare?
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    02-17-2012 04:27 AM
  5. Jphotoz's Avatar
    P90X2 Still Going. I am feeling stronger and have broken through the plateau that I was stuck on. No meat, sugar, soda,etc. since the beginning of the year.

    Keep pushing through all.....

    02-17-2012 07:14 AM
  6. prewanabe's Avatar
    Another 5 today. It always helps to have some beautiful weather and some great listening material on my iphone.
    02-17-2012 08:13 PM
  7. yul000's Avatar
    The calorie counter app has definitely keep my calories intake to a healthy level.. Less sugar, more fiber and calculated carbo loading for my upcoming marathon.
    Been tracking my practice runs with cardio trainer to track my long distance run speeds. It's amazing how they can track my routes and plot a chart on my speed at different distance. It also shows calories burnt. Best of all it's uploaded inthe cloud to be shared with Facebook. Cardio trainer also program my phone to remind me on the running schedules. Awesome app to have to motivate me to run as it compares my speed with others..I'm already feeling like a pro athlete.. Lol
    02-18-2012 02:11 PM
  8. hitzatak's Avatar
    been at it with my muay thai! i also got a little rock climbing into the mix and also started doing squats in the gym yesterday.

    yay! i can see some abs!
    02-20-2012 12:47 AM
  9. tschertz01's Avatar
    I've just recently managed to cut down (and nearly stop) my consumption of Sodas. I was averaging about 40 oz a day and now when I do have one (as a treat) it's typically no more than 12 oz or less. I've had this habit since jr. high so cutting back even a little bit has been quite an accomplishment for me.

    Also since last week I've started exercising a whole lot more. I've got in a couple of bike rides, a good walk, and a few times on that elliptical that was gathering dust. And I do all this with my trusty iPhone by my side. It's a great motivational tool.
    02-25-2012 02:54 PM
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