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    VIP Mail is an easy way to make sure you donít miss emails from contacts you consider your "Very Important Persons." In your Mail app, you can set up a Mailbox to which all the mail from your VIP automatically filters. Your VIPs will also have a gray star next to their names across all of your mail lists, and if you have iCloud enabled, that same person will be a VIP across all of your devices. For those who gets tons of email everyday but want to make sure particular emails donít get lost in mix, using VIP mail is a great way to stay organized. Here's how to use it.

    To set-up your VIP Mailbox, open your Mail app. If youíre in one of your mail lists, tap Mailboxes in the upper left corner. From the main screen with Mailboxes at the top, youíll see Inbox and below that, VIP with a blue star next to it. Tap the Ďií next to VIP.

    To add a VIP, tap Add VIP and choose a contact.

    To remove a contact, swipe left and tap Delete.

    Or tap edit in the upper right corner.

    You can also add a contact or email to VIP by opening an email from them and tapping on their name. Their Sender profile will pop up and you can tap Add to VIP. Note that adding someone to your VIP list does not remove them from your Inbox mail list. You can also set up notifications in Settings >Notifications > Mail, so that you receive only Mail notifications from your VIP contacts. Or, have VIP with a different alert tone.

    I don't want notifications for every email I get. It's just too much. So my VIP are the only emails I get notifications for. They include family, friends and business concerns. The rest is mostly unimportant and not urgent.
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