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    Guided Access is an accessibility feature we sometimes forget. It's actually quite handy to use when you want to allow someone to use your device for a specific app. It locks that person to that app with no way to exit. Whether a child or a friend, they can't go elsewhere to snoop or do any damage.
    Here's how it works.
    1. Go to Settings >General >Accessibility >Scroll down to Guided Access and tap on that.
    [GUIDE] How To Use Guided Access For Security And Kids.-imageuploadedbytapatalk1430148878.926648.jpg
    2. Toggle Guided Access on:
    [GUIDE] How To Use Guided Access For Security And Kids.-imageuploadedbytapatalk1430148931.293729.jpg
    3. You will need to enter a 4 digit passcode to use to exit an app. I use the same code I use to open my phone. You will need to remember this code or write it down somewhere.
    [GUIDE] How To Use Guided Access For Security And Kids.-imageuploadedbytapatalk1430148978.072436.jpg
    4. Now you're set. So when you're in an app, just triple click the home button and it will lock you in that app. To exit, triple click the home button again and enter your 4 digit passcode.
    That's it!
    Got a friend who wants to use your phone to browse Facebook but don't want them snooping other stuff? Use Guided Access.
    Got a child who wants to play a game but you're afraid they may mess something up? Use Guided Access.

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    Excellent!.........Thank you.
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